University of Alberta Campus are safe places to work and learn. It's up to all of us to help
keep it that way. Please take a few moments to become familiar with basic safety information.

Here's a short message from President David Turpin.


911 in emergency

If you need the fire department, police or ambulance, call 911. Be prepared to provide your location on campus. for emergency info

The place to go for the latest information in any emergency is always the university's home page:

We'll notify you

In an emergency we'll send you messages using several methods:
-Twitter (follow UAlberta)
-The U of A App (info here)
-Alertus beacon (pictured) in many buildings

Report suspicious activity

If your instinct tells you someone is behaving suspiciously and may be contemplating a crime, call Protective Services. They'll check it out. 780-492-5050.

Watch the Active Shooter Video

The likelihood of your being caught in an active shooter event is incalculably remote. Watch the video anyway.


Forward the link

Do you know anyone who might have missed this information? Why not forward the link to them?

For more safety information, visit Environment, Health & Safety and Protective Services

Email us in Risk Management Services if you have questions.