Keep them Locked

The University of Alberta strives for openness, and members of the public are welcome in most university buildings; for reasons of safety and security, however, many of our doors must remain locked.


Our Responsibilities

We all have a responsibility to secure our spaces to prevent break-ins as well as unforced entry by people who may inadvertently enter a sensitive or unsafe area.

  • Don't allow people you don't recognize to follow you into buildings or other spaces as you unlock them. If you are too uncomfortable to confront them, you can call us. (780-492-5050)
  • If you see behaviour that concerns you, call us. (780-492-5050)
  • NEVER prop open doors to locked buildings. If you find a door propped open, remove the obstruction.
  • If you suspect a door has been forced open, call us. (780-492-5050)
  • Keep a list of serial numbers of university equipment. This can help police recover it if it is stolen.
  • Don't label keys with room or building number and don't label cabinets or drawers as containing master keys.
  • If there is a problem with door locking due to maintenance or mechanical issues, call the Facilities maintenance desk at 780-492-4833.

If You Encounter a Break and Enter in Progress

  • Remove yourself immediately
  • Call 911 and then call us (780-492-5050)